Wax Melts - Osmanthus Blossom

Paw Melts

Osmanthus beckons attention whether or not it is a stand alone fragrance or blended. It's hard not to be enraptured by the complex and delicate scent of this little white flower once you experience it.

The delightful and refined aroma is known as the scent of happiness. It's a luscious, velvety aromas are rich and delicious. Notes of ripe apricots, Ceylon tea and florals keeps things from getting to serious. No wonder just one whiff evokes a calming sense of being,

Primary Scents: sweet dark orange, osmanthus, vanilla blended in organic wax

Burn Time: Approx. 105 hours. 

Each box of 9 melts comes packaged in a complimentary gift box (as shown). Our wax melts are designed in a unique paw shaped motif to honor our furry friends.

Category: wax melts

Type: fragrant melts

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