Diffusers - Cedarwood Pepperberry

Paw Melts

A captivating infusion evoking warmth, sparkle, and mystery.  Zesty dark sweet orange and bergamot citrus notes, balance the spice and aromatic black pepper and juniper berry, accompanied by the rich notes of tonka beans and cedarwood.

Presented in our signature contemporary black perfume bottle, generously filled with highly concentrated essential oils, real spices, fruits and botanicals . Your room will be filled with a lush, memorable fragrance that will last from 3-6 months.

Primary Scents: dark sweet orange, bergamot, juniper, pepperberry, cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka

Size: 6.7 fl ounces

Our diffuser is a natural organic base that is an alcohol free composition. As with all our products we promote ethically sourced materials from around the world,

Category: diffuser

Type: diffuser

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