Ginger Dandelion Milk Thistle Tea

The beautiful simplicity of herbal teas makes them so easy and pleasurable to add to our daily routine!  Served hot, cold or even in a latte, the soothing ritual of pouring hot water into a cup and quietly waiting for the tea to steep can bring a few moments of blissful calm into a busy day. 

Below is our best-loved herbal teas that can encourage detoxification. This recipe is blended from ingredients that focus on nourishing your liver and other organs involved during the process of detoxifying. Drinking a cup of tea has the added benefit of racking up your daily requirement of water intake. General rule of thumb 1/2 your body weight.

Detox teas are safe, however, people with certain health issues such as kidney or liver diseases, anemia or diabetes should always contact their doctor before using them on a regular basis.

Note: Any form of detoxing is also considered unsafe for pregnant women.

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