Mindfulness and your Skin

July 01, 2018

Mindfulness and your Skin

Mindfulness is our capacity to be aware of the right here and now. Cultivating the habit of being present and paying close attention to what is happening around us, accepting our feelings and thoughts that come with the moment.

Who would have thought meditation could address the underlying issues that create skin problems.

In the past 3 decades we have seen exponential growth in research that examines the area of mindfulness and meditation practices. It scientifically validates numerous health benefits including reduced stress, anxiety, worry and fear – conditions that are often the root causes of skin problems.

An emerging field of research called “psychodermatology”, the study between mind and skin, looks at the effects emotions have on the skin. By bridging the gap between our emotional and mental states with our overall health, meditation has numerous positive benefits.

Skin is a master communicator, that reveals our unspoken emotions to the world. For example does your face turn red when you are embarrassed or white when you are afraid? We all know that stress and worry turns our complexions sallow as if we have aged overnight.

Let's explore the simplicity of incorporating mindfulness into your daily skincare routine. Your cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual is something you have to do every day, but, being mindful during the process can take it from a monotonous task to an act of self-love you actually look forward to.

Here are some tips to get you started:

*Start your skincare routine with a few deep, calming breaths. Run the water and splash your face, listening to the sound of the water as you prepare to cleanse. Apply your cleanser, paying close attention to the movement of your fingers and the texture of the cream on your skin.  

*Purposefully applying a moisturizer, serum or toner is a great opportunity to notice and enjoy the fragrance of your skincare. Our nourishing “I Dew Moisturize” has a delicious fresh spa scent making it a wonderfuI addition to any mindful skincare practice.

Listen to your skin. Embracing mindfulness can help you discover what your skin actually needs by choosing products that are better suited to your complexion. When we rush through our daily routine without paying attention, we miss signs of skin distress or the changing state of our skin. Mindful skincare means you can keep a close eye on your complexion and change up products when needed.

Did you know:

Meditating for just a few minutes every day brings energy (also known as prana) into your body and creates a feeling of calm and relaxation. During meditation, prana helps repair tissues and cells which give skin a fresh, youthful glow.

Breathing while meditating adds oxygen to the skin, which is vital in boosting cellular health. This increased oxygen rejuvenates your skin, balances your body and your mind while transforming your body’s cells and tissues.

Mindfulness, brightens your complexion, reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process from the inside out. Meditation also lowers blood pressure and tension-related pain such as headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle aches and joint problems, making you look and feel younger.

Your complexion is intimately connected to feelings of self-confidence. When your skin looks better, your sense of confidence increases, too. A regular meditation practice increases the brain’s ability to repair itself and grow new neural connections. Like a muscle, these neural pathways get stronger and more effective over time with practice.

A mindful skin care routine is not limited to just your face, why not create a mindful evening routine. Wind down and switch gears by focusing on a treatment for your whole body. What better way to do this than, with a luxurious, aromatic bath soak. Pop on some relaxing background music and take mindfulness to the next level by practicing deep breathing exercises.

In an age of 24/7, it is now more important than ever to take just a few minutes a day to be mindful and really enjoy the present moment you’re in. Even if you don’t have the time to practice mindfulness through meditation, applying it to something as simple as your skincare routine is bound to improve your overall well-being.

For those of you that want to learn how to meditate or you just need some re-assurance that you are on the right path, I recently embarked on a formal course to learn the art of "mindfulness". After much research, I decided on Emily Fletcher's “Ziva” program.  One of the best courses I have taken. The course contains 15 sessions of Emily’s fun filled humor which in itself is worth it. The step by step process is easy and by no means a chore to do. You won’t be disappointed, My personal thanks to Emily for creating this online meditation guide.


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